Monday, 23 March 2009

Rakeback FAQ

What is Rake?
Rake is how poker sites make there money. You the player, will pay rake on every hand you are involved in at a cash table, usually just a small percentage. So if you play alot of hands, for example at smaller tables or if you play multiple tables at once you will pay more rake than some one who only plays at one table or is involved in less hands. Poker sites also take a fee - rake - for registering in tournaments usually about 10%. The lowest feed poker site we have came across is BetOnline Poker. So you can see how quickly it can build up. Most poker players will pay on average a few thousand dollars a year in rake. So imagine the amount of players who play at Fulltilt; about 10,000 a day and each poker player averages about $3000 a year. Thats Fulltilt making an estimated $80,000 a day!

What is Rakeback?
Rakeback is when you get a percentage of the rake that you have paid back from the poker sites. Different sites offer different percentages of your rake back. Which can be anything between 15% to 50% depending on the site. For example, the most you will find for Fulltilt is about 27% rakeback but with Raider Poker you can get upto 35%. So if the average poker player pays about $3000 a year in rake and Raider Poker is giving you 35% rakeback, you make or save, depending how you look at it, about $1050 a year. Now can you imagine having an extra $1050 in you bankroll every year. And you will also get Rakeback on your rakeback. So if you are hoping to play poker seriously you need rakeback or you could be missing out on thousands, or even hundreds of thousands depending on what level you are at and what stakes you are playing. But personally I can't see any down side in rake back.

How do I get Rakeback?
To get Rakeback you usually have to sign up through an affiliate who offers rackback. The poker site give the affiliate a percentage of you rake and the affiliate then passes most of this to the player. Most affiliates will take between 3% and 5% and give you the rest. You also usually have to be new to that site so if your already a member of that poker site you usually can't get rakeback. But it is well worth moving to a new site if you are getting rakeback, as this can save you thousands a year. It is also a good idea to delete your cookies aswell incase you have visited that site before. This is to insure that the affiliate can track you, So he knows how much you have raked. Once you have done this you sign up through the affiliates rakeback deal and his rakeback code and then watch you rake in the dollars.

Where can I find the best Rakeback deals?
TopRakeBack has already searched the web to find you the best Rakeback deals. If you check the Rakeback deals page you will find all the best offers fo that particular site. But TopRakeBack recommends Raider Poker as it has one of the best rakeback Offers that we have come across and you are paid through Raider and not an affiliate so you are always garanteed to be paid on time and the affiliate doesn't take a cut. Raider also pays weekly Rakeback. Just Download Raider and use special bonus code: tentwo and Raider do the rest.

How will I recieve my Rakeback?
The Rakeback offers that we have found will pay the money you receive from rakeback straight into your poker account. So you don't have worry about claiming it or applyingfor it as it will be paid automatically into you poker account for the rest of your time at that site.

When will I recieve my Rakeback?
Rackback varies on when it is paid. Some are paid daily, some are paid weekly and a few are paid monthly. But if you check our rakeback reviews you will find more information on when rakeback is paid.

When will my Rakeback account be activated?
As soon as you register with that site through our rakeback code, you start recieving rakeback.